Twitter Has Been Hacked! Do This Now!

Surprisingly there are many who know how to hack Twitter and it’s a serious problem. Whenever Twitter gets hacked, it puts a lot of users at risk; this isn’t just one or two people but potentially millions and it is such a serious threat. Thieves, scammers and dubious people know what to do with personal information; they can sell it and use it against you in many ways. However, what should you do when Twitter gets hacked?

Change Passwords Immediately

Whenever you get a message through from Twitter about suspicious activity, it’s time to go to your Twitter account and make a change. This is crucial because Twitter has been hacked before and even though it can be a very safe site, any website can be hacked. Whenever there is any suspicious activity or when Twitter tells you to reset the password, do so immediately. Don’t delay because someone who has knows how to hack

Twitter can get access to your account.

Randomly Select Four Words to Make Up a New Password

You might reset or change your password when Twitter gets hacked but you should always change the password again after resetting the first password. Now, this might seem a little odd but its best for security because you are adding more strength to your account security. You can easily make up a password, four random words to help create an unbreakable password. It can really help to beef up security and if you are at any time worried about the security of your account, create a new password to prevent hackers. Anyone can hack Twitter easily at any time, so reset passwords regularly to prevent being hacked.

Don’t Use Previous or Easy Passwords

Anyone can hack Twitter or attempt to hack and when it happens, you need to act quickly and make changes quickly. However, it is important not to use passwords that are simple to guess; for example, don’t use passwords such as the city you were born in or a college because it can be so simple to break. Instead, you need to use passwords that are unbreakable; this doesn’t mean you have to use complicated or fancy words you can’t pronounce or spell but passwords that aren’t necessarily related to you.for more information visit:

Be Wary Of Third Party Applications

Most Twitter users download new apps that appear on the market without giving two thoughts about what they are actually downloading. Now, apps may be available to download but that doesn’t mean they are safe. Many won’t take the time to read the terms and conditions or read the legal and privacy parts either and it could be bad. Do not give full permission to third party apps to access your account information. This is bad because account information could include your password and sensitive data. You may not know how to hack Twitter but that doesn’t mean no one else does.


Don’t Put Your Account at Risk

Anyone can easily go online and hack into a website; it happens almost every day and the truth is whenever you spot suspicious activity, you need to act. However, this isn’t just about changing your password but also thinking carefully about what you are downloading because you never know what you may be downloading. Anyone can hack Twitter so don’t leave your account’s safety to chance.

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