The Perfect Hack The Perfect Hack To Get A Ton Of Twitter Followers

Social media has become a giant, spawning Twitter hacks, leaked video scandals and more. No longer is your influence measured by who you know, it’s who follow you. Social media has grown to entwine with all parts of our life, professional and personal, and it’s vital to grow your social media presence. Here’s some tips to help.

Things to know about twitter hacks.

Firstly, remember interest spawns interest. If you’re favouriting someone’s tweets, they’re more likely to look at your page. People are notified when they are followed, and people are curious beings. We like to be appreciated. Continue reading this for more info.

Use this to build your Twitter presence

Next things next, figure out what your keywords are. With this information, your twitter hack for more followers is ready to deploy. There’s a couple of ways to implement it, a longwinded but free version and a less time consuming paid service. Take your keywords to Twitter Advanced Search and input them. Get your results, and filter out the ones that are interesting, informative and authorative. Either favourite or retweet these. Alternatively, you can look at a tool like TweetFull, which essentially does this for you but in a more automated way that consumes less time. It has a unique filtering tool called ‘sentiment’ that allows you to be certain the posts it is choosing fit the tone you’re looking for.

Other things to work on.

Of course, if they click through to your profile and find nothing there, your Twitter hack will have failed rather miserably. Make sure that your profile is ready to receive guests- have a handsome cover picture and good background. Make sure your theme aligns well with your website, and make sure your bio is up to scratch. A pinned tweet with a call to action is always a good plan too. If you aren’t very good a content searching and creation, then be sure to look at a tool like Folwd to help you find a good one. Within one to two month, you should start to see great traction on your account and your road to Twitter success will be well underway.

What do people like?

Remember that, in any social media campaign, content is key. It’s vital that your content be engaging, so it will draw people into your page and encourage them to interact with you. Hard sells no longer work. You need to make your audience interested in your page and be useful in your life, then they will think about buying from you. This isn’t about thrashing them in the face with your product or services. Think creatively and engage with them. People like to see a human face to the business. Don’t be afraid to get adventurous and draw in your audience.

Getting Twitter followers is one thing. Keeping them another- and you’ll need good content for that. For best results from your Twitter hack, you’ll need to keep up the good work.

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