Hack Twitter software

Hack Twitter

Technology has made life easy in almost every aspect. It’s now easy to access or display one’s information using social media. Twitter is said to be one of the leading platforms used by celebrities and public figures to dispel whatever information they wish to deliver or communicate to their followers. With just 140 characters a tweet can receive so much power from their followers and hey! Isn’t it thrilling to hack Twitter?

Twitter is said to host 288 million users every month and it has around 500million tweets every day. Using this statistic, you realize that hacking Twitter maybe of social benefit to you regardless of your intention for the hacking. It can be of massive importance to your business.

How to hack Twitter

Video uploading for increased engagement

You see, Twitter allows you to only use 140 characters tweeting yet you can make use of the video option to convey your message better. Note that, this is known by only a few people.

This can be advantageous to your business, using videos on twitter app or linking a YouTube video can work as a great marketing tool for your business.

Make use of the ability to upload up to 4 photos

Visual aids are often better at explaining any message further yet most people don’t know that you can upload up to 4 photos for your tweets and also tag to 10 people and still have your 140 characters.

If you are in a business or any personal activity and need better results then make use of these 2 platforms.

Make a Twitter list search

If you are targeting avid Twitter users you will need to find relevant tweets in whatever field. This can be utilised by searching the available twitter list which can then help you build … continue reading..