How Can You Tell If Your Twitter Account Was Hacked?

If you’re afraid someone will find a way to hack Twitter accounts you own without you noticing, we’re here to help. It’s a legitimate concern in an ever-increasingly digital age. While every-so-often a huge media storm breaks detailing thousand of hacked accounts, these mass events are rare. However, day to day simple hacks are pretty common, and it’s worth taking steps to make sure you are safe.                                                   

How do these people know how to hack Twitter anyway?

While having your privacy violated can make you want to blame the company for lax security checks, it’s rarely the case that the company itself makes the errors that draw in the sort of person to hack Twitter. Sadly, the fault is more likely to lie in human error- often yours- or simple bad luck. Things like easy to crack passwords, a wealth of posts relating to personal data, public oversharing and other information-offering online activities [however innocently done] are the number one cause of account hacks. Spend a little time with the internet and your social media accounts, and make sure you aren’t making the type of mistakes that make hacker’s jobs easier. Remember prevention is always better then cure!

So how do I know if I’ve been hacked?

The number one sign that someone has hacked Twitter and is fraudulently using your account details is suspicious activity. This includes obvious things like direct messages and tweets you didn’t create; or the sudden appearance/disappearance of followers when you know you haven’t unfollowed or blocked. Infrequent users, however, are very unlikely to pick these suspicious details up-after all, how often do you check your sent message box?

Most people will only know that someone has hacked Twitter when their log in fails [even with correct details]. Fortunately, if someone tries to change your twitter log in details you should receive an email on your original account to inform you of this. Remember that if you have your Twitter linked to a client, or access it through another media account, you will be more at risk of a hacker accessing it then you might otherwise be.

What do I do now?

If you have reason to suspect someone has worked out how to hack Twitter accounts you own, it is imperative that you change your Twitter password immediately- and remember those third party clients if you use them. If for any reason you find you cannot access the password change option, it is imperative you contact Twitter’s support team to ask for a password reset. They will walk you through what’s required. Keeping your online security up to date is the best way to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you. Use a strong password, and remember to regularly sort through the third party apps you are allowing to access your accounts for you- many developers stop updating the security for their apps and this can leave their users vulnerable to attacks.

If you suspect someone has tried to hack Twitter and have accessed your account illegally, it’s imperative you take steps to correct this immediately.

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