Computer System Dating Risks

Are you one of those kids who likes to meet new partners on line?  I don’t mean that old-fashioned kind of stuff like they show on “You’ve Got Mail” and similar movies – that’s for the older generation.  I’m talking about checking out a potential hottie on line, using your computer and Skype to get an idea of how your new friend looks, thinks and acts.  And giving him or her a good idea of just what you want and what you don’t want in a serious companion.


If you do a lot of online dating, then you should know that there are many chances to pick up viruses and infections when using online sites.  The largest and most popular online dating providers are legit and do their best to avoid any real problems, but they can’t prevent some hacker who plants something phony in the site as their form of personal fun or entertainment.  Or keep some malicious user or group from trying to attract unknowing customers they can abuse later.  Some may also be hackers who seek to find ways to worm into personal data and info.  It is therefore essential for you to have a top-quality system for computer virus and malware protection.  Good system protection is as desirable as the outfit you get from American Apparel to wear on that first all-important in-person meet you have with your on-line dating partner.  You want your system to be running as good as you plan to look when you meet that person you’ve been rapping with online.


What if your online Romeo doesn’t really appreciate the styles you’ve picked out from American Apparel?  Well that’s not likely to happen, since they have a wide selection of the hottest looks on the market.  And you’ve found things to buy at great discounts by using a Groupon promo code to get those tops and tees, hoodies and skinny jeans you want to wear on this “meet and greet” excursion.  If they’re not appreciated, then this isn’t someone you want to waste any more bits and bytes on anyhow.  But hopefully you’ve managed to scope the person out online and through your Skype convos enough to tell whether you guys share the same tastes and preferences.  If not, then you just have to revise your profile a bit so as to avoid making such an erroneous choice the next time around.

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